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February 28, 2005 Added a link on the home page to some ground truth sites
December 9, 2003 A new version of Rover has been completed. This version will allow a researcher to compare their automated results vs the ground truth data. Please take a look at the rover main page. In addition, this version allows you to browse the groundtruth files with out having to download them. From the File Menu, select Browse. We also added the ability to allow you to browse anyone's FTP site. So if you collaborate with other researchers and want to share XML/TIF data, this will make it easier.
October 30, 2003 All the information pages were unlocked, not requiring login. Pages that have data to download still require a login. A new version of the Rover tool will be rolled out next week. More info soon!
August 18, 2003 TypeH has been updated. We had archived to the website old files. New files have correct affiliation, but lack line or lower level info (As all corrected from OCR zones lack..)
June 10, 2003

Groundtruth files posted. All files have been triple verified at the Zone level. Note: Only fields related to MEDLINE are zoned.



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